By Laws

Article I – Name

The name of this organization shall be: Triad Jeep Club (TJC)

Article II – Purpose and Aim

This club shall be a non-profit organization, bringing together and promoting the interest in off-roading as well as enjoying our country’s natural resources. All officer and board positions shall be non-paid, strictly volunteer positions. TJC shall work with and participate in community activities. TJC will organize ways to promote community interest and fellowship in the sport of off-roading.

Article III – Membership and Dues

  1. Eligibility

All Members and Prospective members need to meet the following requirements. Only New applicants need to meet subsection F. Membership is open to all persons that meet these requirements:

  1. Own a Jeep branded vehicle

  2. Attend three club functions within six months

      1. Eligibility can be met by attending three of the following in any combination:

            1. Meetings

            2. Functions

            3. Events

      2. Exceptions are provided for; military service, away at school, long-term work, or medical

      3. Requirements

        1. Have a Valid Driver's License

        2. Be a minimum age of 16

        3. Maintain adequate insurance coverage on the vehicle being used at TJC Functions

        4. Fill out and sign the application form

        5. Online Tread Lightly course completion is required.


        6. Pay dues in full

        7. Fill out and sign the last page of this document. Applicants of legal driving age (in accordance with state law) who are less than 18 years old will need a parent or legal guardian’s signature on the application form. This document is to be signed in person with a TJC officer.

  1. Dues

For membership in this club shall be $25.00 per voting member, as of 1/1/2021, per calendar year as established at the annual meeting. To remain in good standing, a club member must pay their dues within 30 days of the due date (January 1st). If the dues are not paid by Jan 31st of that year, the membership will be suspended or terminated. It is each club member’s responsibility to pay their membership dues within the time frame. If the membership is terminated due to non-payment and the individual/s wishes to rejoin, an additional fee of $25.00 shall be charged for a total of $50.00. If a club member wishes to terminate their club membership during the renewal time, they must do so in writing within the renewal time frame.

  1. Membership Privileges

  1. Participation in club events (subject to the rules and regulations of said event)

  2. Voting rights at any such time that is needed at the appropriate meeting.

  3. Annual Southern Four Wheel Drive Association (SFWDA) membership along with related discounts.

  4. Receive supplier discounts negotiated by Triad Jeep Club.

  5. 1 Free t-shirt for initial membership.

  6. 1 Free windshield banner for initial membership.

  7. Member number.

  1. Voting Rights

  1. There will be one vote per paid member in attendance of any meeting that requires a vote. Any voting member can make a motion to establish the requirement for a vote. Any other voting member must second the motion for it to become a formal motion to vote on.

  2. Spouses and Children (16-21) residing in the same household may gain voting rights for an additional $25 per vote under a single Jeep Branded Vehicle. Each additional voting member will need to meet eligibility except for owning a Jeep Branded Vehicle.

  1. Member Responsibilities

All members must conduct themselves in a responsible, respectable, and orderly fashion and adhere to the club rules at all club events i.e. T.R.E.A.D. Lightly

  1. Member Penalties

A member may be warned, suspended, or expelled without refund of membership fees for the following reasons OR after 1 verbal warning, then 1 written warning, and after 3rd offense, the member will be dismissed from the Triad Jeep Club, without refund.:

  1. Using an unregistered vehicle during club events (unless towed)

  2. Abuse of others property

  3. Using an uninsured vehicle during club events (unless towed)

  4. Gaining membership under false pretenses

  5. Dangerous driving tactics

  6. Disruption with an event or any members (not following T.R.E.A.D. Lightly guidelines)

  7. Constant trashing (publicly speaking badly about TJC, or ANY of its members)

  8. Not following club rules and or bylaws

  9. Misuse of club funds or inventory

  10. Willfully trespassing at either a club or non-club event

Article IV – General Rules for Club Events (Mandatory Off-Road Events)

    1. Roll bars are mandatory in soft-top top vehicles and are recommended in hardtop vehicles.

    2. Working Safety restraints

    3. Fire extinguisher within its expiration date

    4. First aid kit

    5. Tow hook points in the front and rear are mandatory in all vehicles.

      1. Safe hook points are defined as; front hook or D-ring bolted or welded to the frame rail, as well as the frame rail itself. Rear tow-hitch hook or D-ring.

Optional Equipment

  1. Winches and tow straps with 2x capacity are highly recommended

  2. Two Way Radios Channel 12 will be used unless noted

      1. CB radio

      2. GMRS radio (preferred) Note: FCC License is required to use these radios for transmitting.

      3. FRS Radio

Article V – Officers and Duties

The Officers of this club shall be; The President, Vice-President, Treasurer, Secretary, and Trail Boss. A member that has attended at least six meetings as well as attended the annual meeting and has fulfilled all other requirements as stated above may fill a vacancy in any office. If requirements cannot be met, the appointment of office shall be the President or the Board of Directors. The person so elected shall serve until a successor is elected at the annual meeting. The term for officers shall be three years.

If an officer steps down, notification shall be sent to the president and vice president no less than 30 days before leaving the position. If the position being vacated is the president or vice president notification must be sent to all members of the board. The board will notify the membership of the open position (and the duties of that position) and ask for volunteers. The board will appoint an existing member that meets eligibility, to fullfill the remainder of the term, when the official elections are held.

  1. The President – shall be the executive officer and will preside at all meetings. He/she shall appoint committees as necessary and co-sign checks with the Treasurer as needed.

  2. The Vice-President – Shall have oversight for events planning and Information technology (IT). In addition, assist the President and act on His/Her behalf in case of absence.

  3. The Treasurer – Shall receive money, be responsible for the bank deposits, disperse funds as needed, co-sign checks with the President if needed, and have books open for inspection by auditors and officers. The Treasurer shall also have oversight for merchandise.

  4. The Secretary – Shall be responsible for taking notes at each monthly meeting, taking attendance at each event, and ensuring new and current membership oversight.

  5. The Trail Boss – Shall be responsible for setting up runs and guiding groups on trails, etc. He/She may also appoint Trail Captains and Safety Officers to assist at events.

Article VI – Board Members (Chairs) and Duties

  1. IT Infrastructure Support – Technical oversight for computer, hardware, internet, website, and any device interfacing with TJC operations

  2. Membership Chair – Duties are to review the new applicants and present them to the membership and shall be responsible for introducing guests and creating membership drives with the Events Coordinator. – Secretary

  3. Trail Captain – Duties are to lead a group if we decide to split up into groups during a trail run. He/She will then be in charge of enforcing our safety rules for his/her group. – Trail boss

  4. The Events Coordinator – Shall be responsible for events other than trail runs. He/She may coordinate with the other officers for support and will ask for volunteers to be an Event Captain at each event.

  5. The Safety Officer – Is in charge of enforcing the Safety Rules at ALL club events. He/She may also appoint Safety Captains to assist during club events.

  6. Merchandise Chair – Duties are to Order, Receive, Keep Inventory, Sell, and keep track of merchandise.

Article VII - Triad Jeep Club Organization Structure

Article VIII – Club meetings

Meetings will be held monthly at a place designated by the club Officers. Meeting details will be found on the website - - and our Facebook Group pages.

Article IX – Election and voting

  1. The election and voting process shall be coordinated by the current secretary. All voting shall be in person unless otherwise specially coordinated, planned, and communicated by the Officer team(for example online voting).

  2. Nominations shall be accepted from the floor at the October regular meeting. The election of Officers and Chairs shall be held at the November annual meeting of each year. The newly appointed Officer or Chair will take his/her position on Jan 1st, of the next year. A majority rule will settle the election.

  3. Officers may be removed from office for failure to perform His/Her duties as outlined in Article V by a majority vote of members attending a special meeting called specifically for that purpose.

  4. Board members may be removed from office for failure to perform his/her duties as outlined in Article VI by a majority vote of Officers attending a special meeting called specifically for that purpose.

Article X – Amendments to Bylaws

It is permissible to make Amendments to the by-laws, which must be led and approved by the Officers. At which point, since approval the revised by-laws shall be communicated to all members within 60 days of Officer approval; at which point all current members shall sign an acknowledgment of receipt and agree within 60 days of communication.

Article XI – Member of the Year

The member of the year award is to be determined by the current year Board of Directors, and will be announced at the January meeting or TJC Annual Social of the following year.

Article XII – Safety Equipment Checklist Compliance

A member will get 2 warnings, regarding any non-compliance of required safety items. At the 3rd violation, a vehicle pre-inspection and authorization will be required by the Trail Boss before participating in any TJC event.